Chicklet and Christopher Street re-visited

Last night after being up since 5am and working at Dressler until 1am, I decided to keep my promise to myself and bike the opposite direction of my house and head over Williamsburg Bridge to the West Village of Manhattan. More specifically, Christopher Street to try and re-connect with the group of people that I started documenting last May.

Christopher Street was filled with it’s usual, its starting to get warm out, Friday 2am crowd of old queens, gay teens and trannies. I felt instantly awake, bike parked and camera slung over my shoulder I strolled Christopher Street. When I got to the corner of Christopher and Hudson, right away I noticed things had changed since my last visit a couple of months ago. The corner seemed emptier, not the usual large crowd of mostly African American transgender females and their male friends, also the deli was “for lease”. I continued on to Chi-Chi’s- where now there was a controlled line to enter. Hmmmm.  Tonight was about exploring, roaming so I did not go in.  Roam and walked up and down Christopher Street- stopping into The Stonewall Inn around 3:30 am- for a bathroom break and a beer- that is where I met- Chicklet and took these images.  In the end I  did notice a lot of familiar faces, but mostly new eyes were checking me out and I was them. Let’ see what happens tonight…

"Chicklet, like the gum but without an S"


About Jo Ann Santangelo

Austin based freelance multimedia documentary photographer and storyteller.
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