From the awake to the sleeping city to DC

Saturday night I left my house in Bed Stuy  at 11:30 pm and  did not return or sleep until 11:30 pm Sunday. First destination, Christopher Street in the West Village area of Manhattan to continue photographing my photo essay “Walking the Block”

Apollo, on the corner of Hudson & Christopher Streets

After hanging out on Christopher Street until 4:30 am, I walked to the W4th Street train station to head uptown to  43rd & 10th Ave to catch the “Get Equal” bus that was departing at 6:00 am for Washington D.C.

Sex in the City on the corner of Christopher Street & 7th Ave

The Sunday Times on 6th Ave

When I entered the West 4th Street train station, it was a complete change from the energized streets above, everyone was passed out! All these images were taken in a span of twenty minutes while I waited for an uptown train.

When I finally emerged back above ground on the 34th Street & 6th Ave at 5:00 am, the sleeping scene did not change.  I decided to exit at 34th street instead of 42nd because I was afraid, due to the earlier car bomb found in Times Square, the trains would be bypassing 42nd Street. Plus, I was hungry and was hoping to pass an all-night diner to eat, use the bathroom and change my clothes for the D.C trip.

Police and the Media in Time's Square at 5:15 am

Only in New York!

After passing through the well protected and covered Time’s Square, I finally found a diner, changed my clothes and grabbed a coffee! It was now 5:45 am and I was at my final NY destination- 43rd & 10th Ave!

Corner of 43rd & 10th Ave., DC bus in background!

To be continued….stay tuned for D.C DADT rally images/multimedia piece!


About Jo Ann Santangelo

Austin based freelance multimedia documentary photographer and storyteller.
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