Take a journey on my saddle

Last night was picture perfect weather for a 4 hour bike ride from Brooklyn to Manhattan. Before I left I took Iso on a walk to Crown Heights to pick up our weekly CSA veggies!

Walking back home, this image is why I love living on our block.

I started my ride on my usual route- down Bedford Ave in Bed Stuy continuing thru Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

From Bedford Ave, I turned onto the Williamsburg Bridge to Manhattan.

Welcome to Delancey Street, Manhattan.

After making a pit stop at Bed, Bath and Beyond in Midtown to buy a salad spinner for my lady, I journeyed over to my favorite Slice of New York City spot.

A night in Manhattan wouldn’t be complete without a quick ride on Christopher Street.

Homeward bound back on the Williamsburg Bridge to Brooklyn.


About Jo Ann Santangelo

Austin based freelance multimedia documentary photographer and storyteller.
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One Response to Take a journey on my saddle

  1. Great post! – really like photo of the bike between the cars.

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