Days 11- 14 in words and pictures

Day 11 – Started the day in Tuscon, AZ  after leaving my motel I headed over to Epic Cafe for some coffee and a breakfast burrito (my kay worked here when she was attending Uof A) then I walked over to Wingspan, Southern Arizona’s LGBT community center to meet the 16th Veteran of the trip, Erin Russ, who is the development Volunteer Coordinator at Wingspan. After visiting with Erin I headed to Phoenix, to visit with the 17th Veteran, Chuck Parker and then I drove to Glendale, AZ where I spent the night with a my friend Tricia and her husband Chris and their two beautiful daughters!

Day 12- From Phoenix, I headed north to Prescott, AZ to spend the day with the 18th Veteran, Rose Miztri, who served in both Korea & Viet Nam. We hung out at her house and then went to the Prescott Pride Center for a monthly T-Social that she organizes. Then I continued north west to Lake Havasu, AZ where I would spend the night with 19th Veteran, Marie (MJ) Aponte and her girlfriend LouAnne. I arrived at 9:00pm and it was 108 degrees! Thank you MJ for the amazing dinner!

Day 13- Hung out with MJ & LouAnne, photographed and interviewed, then we drove to see Lake Havasu City’s famous London Bridge! After having lunch with them I started the drive to San Diego, CA! And what a drive it was, through the desert (outside temp reading 118), winding, climbing roads through the mountains, past Joshua Tree National Park and then through San Bernadino National Forest then into San Diego, CA- I got to Lisa’s house around 10:oopm.

Day 14-Was a morning of editing, captioning, organizing before I headed over to the 19th Veteran Camille Davidson Daviste’ and her wife Maureen’s “Green” house in Coronado, CA. Thank you for the delicious lunch, yummy Snapper! Then I headed back to Lisa Kove’s house where I was interviewed/video’d (Oy!) by her and then I photographed and recorded Lisa’s story the 21st Veteran of this trip. After chatting with Lisa I jumped in the car and drove to Bonita to meet  the 22nd Veteran – Colonel Stewart Bornhoft and his husband Steve at their home, they had built high on the hill, overlooking San Diego & Tijuana, breathtaking views! From their starved, before arriving at Lisa’s house (9:30pm) I stopped in Roberto’s Taco Shop for two mouth watering Carne Asada taco’s.

Next Stop, L.A. baby…Los Angeles, CA!


About Jo Ann Santangelo

Austin based freelance multimedia documentary photographer and storyteller.
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One Response to Days 11- 14 in words and pictures

  1. Nicole says:

    Hey, i like your way of visual storytelling.
    You are creating a special atmosphere. Like it.

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