I live in the south, South Austin that is…

On Friday April 1st, we moved our belongings out of storage and ourselves and stuff from my Mom’s house into our new home in South Austin!The other day, I needed to submit some images to The Statesman (article coming on Sunday) so decided to walk to Ruta Maya on South Congress, these are some pics from my walk. The railroad tracks run by our house, you can see the trains pass by while you do the dishes (bonus).


About Jo Ann Santangelo

Austin based freelance multimedia documentary photographer and storyteller.
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2 Responses to I live in the south, South Austin that is…

  1. Zed says:

    Hi Jo Ann
    Your pictures are amazing. Well done for publishing your book. It takes great courage to step out and stand proud as the soldiers have done. So too you in documenting it.
    Best of every success in your career.
    Have a great day.

  2. Hey Zed!

    thank you for looking at my work and your kind words.

    -Jo Ann

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