Days 5 & 6 Dream Beavers, Ft. Worth and Austin!

Day 5: August 29, 2010:

I woke up  Ghazal’s apartment in Ft. Worth. Not only was I so happy to see Ghazal ( we both left Austin August 2008, me to Brooklyn to attend ICP (International Center of Photography), she to Ft. Worth to become a doctor), I was sleeping in.  What a feeling after driving 16 hours the day before and then I thought,  I don’t have to get in the car today. Today was going to be all about, food, friendship and a bike ride. Ghazal was hosting Ft. Worth’s first D & B’s. A semi-monthly meeting/brunch gathering of ladies (a tradition from our Austin days). The morning was spent prepping for the day, lots of coffee and cooking. Then the ladies started to arrive. The next several hours were spent, chatting, eating, sipping and …

After the last of the ladies left, it was time to go on a group bike ride. After spending the last 4 days alone in a car, living on lots of road snacks (the car was stocked with fruit, nuts, rice cakes, bars, etc) and one/two meals a day, this day couldn’t have been anymore perfect. A potluck brunch and a group bike ride around Ft. Worth!

And then we slept.

Day 6: August 30, 2010

Ghazal and I both had an early morning. Today, she was starting her 2nd year of med school and her first day of surgery.

Ghazaleh Moayedi; starting her first day of surgery at University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine

I first was headed to Gold’s Gym in Iriving, Texas to visit with Sergeant Tracey Gerald (First of the many servicemembers I would visit on this road trip that Sergeant Justin Elzie e-introduced me to).

Sergeant Tracey Gerald joined the Marine Corps in 1991 with her twin sister Stacey. Tracey was a recruiter and served as an ambulance driver in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Due to the strain of serving under “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”, Tracey retired from the Marine Corps in February 2008. She is now a personal trainer at Gold's Gym in Irving, Texas.

and then I was Austin bound, after 6 days and 2300 miles, not only was I going to spend the day with my Mom (it is her Birthday). We had lunch at Joe’s Crab Shack (one of her fav places) and then we went to Bingo!

Happy Birthday Mom, R.I.P Moses "Guido" Santangelo

All images ©Jo Ann Santangelo 2010- can not be copied, printed, posted or reproduced without permission.


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Austin based freelance multimedia documentary photographer and storyteller.
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