back to the dark

I’m a constant clicker. I am always photographing on film and with my iphone. I document my daily life in my house, my night job at Perlas and my travels via bike or foot

Problem is I am not always developing, scanning, editing. At least I haven’t for the last year. Now it’s time to go back to the dark. Time to develop, edit,scan, and print all that film, all the frames I’ve been clicking away for the last year.  A few weeks ago, I started the first step: develop the film. Today, I started another step, scanning.


This image was taken April 2011

In the last week I developed 12 rolls of film, I have a back log of over 20 rolls and growing daily. Excited to see what develops. Image


About Jo Ann Santangelo

Austin based freelance multimedia documentary photographer and storyteller.
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One Response to back to the dark

  1. pixelogist says:

    i absolutely love developing. b/w at least. havent tried color yet. scanning can be a nuisance..especially with my flatbed scanner, where color shots need a lot of work. b/w is alright, and can be fixed quite easily to look great. but its all slow n kinda boring. i wish scanning was cheaper so i could do the fun part (developing) myself n get someone to scan it for me. problem is, scanning in my part of the world (maybe urs too?) is costly..and im also rather impatient haha

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