I found religion…greeting card giveaway

Self portrait at church

Self portrait at church

Today I was walking around Falcon 5, looking at the images on the walls and what stood out to me was all the religious symbolism in Austin Seen, in progress…  I’ve looked at the whole series of images 100’s of times and never saw religion before. I find it interesting, the human mind, our brains, how it works.

Why do we see certain things at certain times and not others? Why did I find religion today?

Is it because we just elected a new pope, maybe?  Or because it’s Easter is this coming Sunday? I did shot the first photograph of Sunday School in the original Austin Seen on Easter Sunday (’07).

Was it just what I was meant to see today?

For whatever the reason, it got me thinking about religion and church.

Church has meant lots of different things to me at different times in my life. As a child growing up in a very Italian Catholic neighborhood and family, church was the dark, overly incensed building full of tradition, rules and routine. A place I had to go to every week and confess my sins, ask for forgiveness for swearing, lying to my parents, fighting with my brother.

As I grew into my teens, I distanced myself from the Catholic church. My church became my rooftop in the middle of Boston. I would climb the five flights of stairs almost daily and sit in the middle of the roof, close my eyes and imagined myself traveling to all the places in the world I had yet to see. In my twenties church was the desert of Arizona, I would go on long hikes through the desert, up the mountains and feel the freedom of my spirit.  It was there that I discovered who I was, what I wanted to be.

After I moved to Austin, Texas church became a lot of things.   Any quiet place I could sit still and meditate, Barton Springs, the darkroom and bike rides.

When I hop on my bike with my camera slung over my shoulder I think and see clearly, everything comes into focus for me. I find peace, I ask questions, I get answers.

oakgrovechurch5x7_web jesustruck_5x7_web sundayschool2012_web amentruck_5x7_web

I want to know what/where is church to you? Now or in your past? Has it changed?

Leave a comment with your answer and I will select a random winner on Easter Sunday (3/31/13) to receive the greeting card set  “I found religion…

The set is also be available for purchase in my print shop.


About Jo Ann Santangelo

Austin based freelance multimedia documentary photographer and storyteller.
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One Response to I found religion…greeting card giveaway

  1. Brigitte Mendoza says:

    This topic is good timing for me at the moment. I’ve been thinking about this topic a lot lately with the recent death of a close relative. Church is when I close my eyes and feel God in my heart. It’s not a place, it’s a quiet space in my center.

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