One Year Later: 02.20.13

One of the joys of not receiving instant gratification is prolonged joy. My personal projects, Austin Seen, in progress… and Arms of Progress… are two parts to one project which is a visual journal of my life,  memories captured of my explorations of Austin . Because they are both shot on b/w analog film I don’t get to instantly view, like, dislike and delete. And depending on my life, my motivation to get to the darkroom, it will be months before I see the negatives.

These set of images were shot on February 20,2013 while I was biking around promoting (hanging up & passing out postcards) for my Austin Seen, in progress… exhibition at Falcon 5 opening on March 02, 2013.


The now occupied Eleven apartment building on E.11th & 135 was being constructed, and the Old 97’s were set to play at Antone’s.

22013-1 22013-2 22013-3 22013-4 22013-5 22013-6 22013-7 22013-8


About Jo Ann Santangelo

Austin based freelance multimedia documentary photographer and storyteller.
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One Response to One Year Later: 02.20.13

  1. RA Friedman says:

    Love the shot of the kegs and the guy who may or may not be sleeping something off, on top of the AC evaporator no less!

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