Signs of War, ten years later

Ten years ago on March 19, 2003 the United States military invaded Iraq and the war officially began. I was living in Boston, Massachusetts and remember thinking, why? Why are we invading this country? Why are we waging war?

A week later I was amongst the 50,000 people who marched through the streets of the Boston in the largest rally in the city since the end of the Vietnam War.

During the march and rally what really stood out to me were the signs made by the protesters. We were against Bush as much as we were against the war, the invasion of Iraq.

These images became my first photo exhibit Signs: Anti-War Protest at The Phoenix Landing in Cambridge, MA, 2004

Ten years later, sitting in my storage container studio in Austin, Texas, thinking about the estimated 189,000 people — including Iraqi civilians, U.S. troops and journalists who were killed in the war in Iraq since the invasion in 2003, I still find myself wondering why?

Why do we kill people who kill people to show people that killing people is wrong?

I also wonder what George W. Bush is thinking about today?

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February in pictures

An edit of images, in order, all were shot on my iPhone during the month of February 2013. Some were instagramed, others were not.

Which was your favorite image? Why? Which was your least favorite, why?

If you live in Austin, stop by Falcon 5 to check out Austin Seen, in progress…a series of black and white portraits taken during my bike rides around Austin.

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One year ago: March 16, 2012

This image, was taken on March 16, 2012 while I rode my bike through East Austin on Cesar Chavez during SXSW. I noticed the lion first, shot this image as I approached the man with his prize.

SXSW Lion is part of my on-going personal project, Austin Seen, in progress… currently on view at Falcon 5, a contained art-space (705 Gunter Street, 78702).


Stop by and see the exhibit – on view until April 2, 2013.  Be sure to “like” Falcon 5 on Facebook for up to date hours and events.

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Things change, slightly…

There are two Pepsi machines that are chained to a church on 12th Street and Airport Boulevard in East Austin.

They are a constant subject for me,  I originally captured them in 2007 and are the only the subject of mine to appear in both Austin Seen (06-08) and Austin Seen, in progress…(2011-present day).

April 08, 2007

April 08, 2007

October 12, 2012

October 12, 2012

Not much has changed in 5 years. Like those photos in the back of the children’s magazines, can you spot the differences in the two?

Austin Seen, in progress… is currently on view at Falcon 5, a contained-art-space

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Print shop updated with new prints

I just added a few select images from Austin Seen, in progress… exhibit are now available for purchase in my print shop!

Screen Shot 2013-03-05 at 2.24.05 PM

Don’t see an image or size  you wanted? Custom orders also accepted for specific images and sizes. Feel free to contact me with your request.

Be sure to stop by Falcon 5, a contained art-space to view Austin Seen, in progress…. exhibit. On view until April 2nd

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Austin Seen, in progress…

Currently on view at Falcon 5, a contained art-space until April 2nd.


Gallery hours Falcon 5 : a contained artspace for March 4 – March 10th

Monday & Tuesday 10a-4p (later by appointment)
Wednesday & Thursday 10a-1p
Closed Friday (will post if that changes)
Saturday and Sunday Closed or by appointment before 1pm

Austin Seen, in progress… on view until April 2nd

I will post updates on hours and evening open houses here
and on Falcon 5 Facebook page

Sign up for Falcon 5 email updates

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Red is also the color of blood

Life is more then chocolate hearts and flowers. Tell and show someone you love them, everyday not just today (Valentine’s Day).



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Fish on Fridays

I was raised Italian Catholic, I’m still in recovery. It was a tradition on Fridays the we ate Fish. While this post has nothing to do with Religion, thought it was an appropriate day to post them.

This Walleye had a surprise inside…

Walleye being fileted

Walleye being filleted

She was pregnant.

Walleye Fish Roe

Walleye Fish Roe

While I personally eat both fish and meat, when I look at this image, it really makes me stop and think about the cycles of life and where things fall on the food chain.

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Queer Ride, portraits

Yesterday, Falcon 5 was the pit stop for the Austin Queer Ride, the weekly ride for queer folk & allies. This week’s ride was the Status Update ride!  While at Falcon 5, Austin’s Health & Human Services department offered Queer Riders FREE HIV testing and I set up a photo booth. I had such a fun night meeting so many great folks.

Knowledge is power, Know your Status!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This was my first event at Falcon 5, you won’t want to miss the next one,  Austin Seen, in progress exhibit opening on March 02, 2013! 

Subscribe to Falcon 5, a contained art-space newsletter for updates and announcements.  Think inside the Box!

“Like” Falcon 5 on Facebook  (

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Falcon 5 open house and Walking the Block extended until February 28, 2013

Hey Austinites!! Come by Falcon 5, a contained artspace (705 Gunter Street, 78702) from 7:00-9:00pm on Wednesday 1/23 for an art open house and Austin’s Health & Human Services department will be offering FREE HIV testing.

Even if you already know your status, EVERYONE is encouraged to participate and test. Every test administered benefits H&HS, which means they can offer even more free testing, support, and education!

H&HS are also offering up some cycling goodie packages for those who get tested. 😀

All services are confidential.  [ ]

Enjoy a cozy bonfire, a photobooth and a chance to view “Walking the Block: an exploration of Christopher Street after dark


Walking the Block on view until February 28, 2013 at Falcon 5, a contained artspace.

I will have a new work (Austin Seen, in progress) exhibit up in early March. Sign up for the newsletter to stay informed.

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