National Park road trip

From July 1-July 15th we drove 4, 074 miles heading west from Austin visiting, hiking and camping in seven National & State Parks & Forests in Arizona, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico & Texas! Happy 100th Birthday National Park Service thank you for preserving wide open spaces  and allowing us to escape and admire your beauty!!!!!

First stop our favorite city in the high desert of far west Texas- Marfa!wwrt_125

During this visit, we got to stay at Julie Speed’s housewwrt_124 wwrt_123 wwrt_122

Iso posing for Juliewwrt_121

Julie & Fran’s guest room/studiowwrt_120 wwrt_119 wwrt_117  Next stop home of Kay’s spirit Saguaro’s- Tuscon, AZwwrt_115 wwrt_114 wwrt_113

We spent the night with K’s college professor -Anthropoloist Richwwrt_112

DREAM Beaver breakfast meet  in Scottsdale, AZ with fellow road travelers Moayedi Kinney clan who were en route from El Paso to Hawaii!


Getting ready for our  two nights of camping and hiking around Grand Canyon National Park!!

wwrt_110 wwrt_109  wwrt_107  wwrt_104 wwrt_103 wwrt_102 Sunset over the Grand Canyon wwrt_100

wwrt_101 wwrt_106

Heading into Utah went off the beaten path- or should I say highway and drove for a few hours in Grand Staircase–Escalante National Monument.  Nearly 3,000 square miles of sun-drenched Utah backcountry spread out well beyond the visible horizon from the road. That’s nearly 1.9-million acres of colorful sandstone cliffs soaring above narrow slot canyons; picturesque washes and seemingly endless slickrock; prehistoric village sites and abandoned old Western movie sets, among many other treasures.

wwrt_099 wwrt_098 wwrt_097

Next stop, Bryce Canyon National Park! Definitely our favorite camping spot and hiking stop on the trip!

wwrt_096 wwrt_095  wwrt_093 wwrt_092 wwrt_091 wwrt_090Chilly morning at Bryce Canyon wwrt_094Afternoon hang while I go hike the canyon  wwrt_089

A couple hour solo hike in and around the canyon along the Navajo Loop! wwrt_088 wwrt_087 wwrt_086 wwrt_085 wwrt_084

Navajo Loopwwrt_083 wwrt_081 wwrt_080 wwrt_079 wwrt_078 wwrt_077Queen Victoria’s Garden wwrt_076 wwrt_075 wwrt_074 wwrt_073 wwrt_072 wwrt_071 wwrt_069wwrt_070

wwrt_068 wwrt_067 Truck stop somewhere in Utah wwrt_066 wwrt_065 Arches National Park wwrt_063 Balance Rock in Arches National Parkwwrt_062

Kate had to teach in at the Mother Earth News Fair in Wisconsin. Iso and I dropped her off in Denver and spent the next two nights camping and hiking in Pike National Forest in Colorado. A nice reprieve from the red rocks and hot Arizona and Utah sun!

wwrt_061 Yikes! wwrt_060 wwrt_059 wwrt_058 wwrt_057  wwrt_055 wwrt_054 wwrt_053 wwrt_052 wwrt_051  wwrt_049 wwrt_048 Room with a viewwwrt_047 wwrt_046 wwrt_045  wwrt_043 wwrt_042 wwrt_041 Elevation over 11,000 feet! wwrt_040wild horses in the valley wwrt_039 wwrt_036 wwrt_035 wwrt_034 wwrt_038 wwrt_037  wwrt_031 wwrt_029 wwrt_028 wwrt_027

brief encounter with civilization Georgetown, CO – picturesque mountain town  wwrt_026 wwrt_025 wwrt_024


When is Colorado…wwrt_023 wwrt_022Sunset in Denver -on way to pick K up at airport wwrt_020

After spending 7 days in a tent – it was time for a real bed, an indoor shower and laundry! – Frieda’s Cabin on a Goji Berry Eco Farm just outside Taos, NM was Aaamazing! wwrt_019 wwrt_018 wwrt_017 wwrt_016morning run in the mountains of New Mexicowwrt_015 best mole enchilada’s I EVER hadwwrt_014

Back to Texas – our growing family announcement photo in the Davis Mountainswwrt_013 Happy Camperswwrt_012 wwrt_011 After 15 days in mostly desert conditions my body was happy to be back in water of San Solomon Springs in Balmorhea State Park! Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 11.00.42 AM

Not sure Iso felt the same way about Balmorheawwrt_009

Final evening, sunset of the trip – at Davis Mountains State Parkwwrt_006 wwrt_005  wwrt_003 wwrt_002

Last morning of family road tripwwrt_001


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